Friday, June 8, 2007

Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan)

Lots of rain these last few days - a bit of a pain driving back and forth to work in it, although we desperately need the increased precipitation to make up for the horrendous drought we've been experiencing (water restrictions in effect). It's been a crazy and difficult last two weeks, as we've been short-handed in the office and I'm working longer hours - I just can't seem to check off items on my To Do List fast enough. However, it is Friday evening and, at this point, I welcome the continued downpour - I'm donning my bunny slippers, pouring a glass of Pinot Grigio and curling up with a good book. All is right with the world - relaxation mode on...

SONG: Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan

BOOK: Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema

POEM: The Rain by Robert Creeley

All night the sound had
come back again,
and again falls
this quiet, persistent rain.

What am I to myself
that must be remembered,
insisted upon,
so often? Is it

that never the ease,
even the hardness,
of rain falling
will have for me

something other than this,
something not so insistent—
am I to be locked in this
final uneasiness.

Love, if you love me,
lie next to me.
Be for me, like rain,
the getting out

of the tiredness, the fatuousness, the semi-
lust of intentional indifference.
Be wet
with a decent happiness.

QUOTE: “May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire.” ~ Irish blessing

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