Monday, March 10, 2008

Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)

I wrote the following note to my friend the other night - this explains why I haven't posted in *four* days... and I didn't even cover the amazing Saturday and Sunday house concerts I attended!

Hey, Nance -

I just left you a voicemail - long story short: yes, I'd love to carpool! (want to come here about 7 p.m.?).

Long story long: I've had a wacky week (I can hear you asking, what else is new?) - no, really... more so than usual....

I'm picking up SG and J from Ft. Lauderdale in about an hour and bringing them back here... so they'll join us for the Susan Werner concert - plus... Eric came home last night for Spring Break Week (did we know? - no, we did not!).

Plus Sarah moved out last weekend but left a bunch of her crap (um, stuff) in the living room, and is supposed to swing by and get that today or tomorrow - so... I've been trying to get the guest room/Ozfice back up to speed (and it's looking great, I must say.. :-)

Plus I was out sick two days last week... and I mentioned to EW I'd like to go back to part-time - we have a client workshop Monday and she's leaving town Wednesday, but she said she didn't foresee a problem and we'd talk about it in detail week after next (whew)...

Plus I finally got my dragonfly tattoo last Saturday - so... how was your week, honey? (can't wait to see you and catch up!).

We ordered Chinese food tonight (yum!) and, after doing a bit of work on the computer, I hope to get in the bed early tonight - good god, I'm missing those 60 minutes we lost Saturday night/Sunday morning... but I continue my never-ending struggle to find/remember "the holy place"...

POEM: The Inner History of a Day by John O'Donohue

No one knew the name of this day;
Born quietly from deepest night,
It hid its face in light,
Demanded nothing for itself,
Opened out to offer each of us
A field of brightness that traveled ahead,
Providing in time, ground to hold our footsteps
And the light of thought to show the way.

The mind of the day draws no attention;
It dwells within the silence with elegance
To create a space for all our words,
Drawing us to listen inward and outward.

We seldom notice how each day is a holy place
Where the eucharist of the ordinary happens,
Transforming our broken fragments
Into an eternal continuity that keeps us.

Somewhere in us a dignity presides
That is more gracious than the smallness
That fuels us with fear and force,
A dignity that trusts the form a day takes.

So at the end of this day, we give thanks
For being betrothed to the unknown
And for the secret work
Through which the mind of the day
And wisdom of the soul become one.

QUOTE: "Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side." ~ The Talmud

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