Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Need a Silent Night (Amy Grant)

I've had a headache most of last night and all of today - I've taken Tylenol on a regular basis, but it barely makes a dent. I had to bow out of an invitation to a friend's birthday party this afternoon, and stayed home to take it easy - I truly believe this is stress-related...

Too many things on my ever-lengthening To Do List and not enough time to accomplish - thankyoujesus we finally had the plumbing situation taken care of Wednesday, as they re-routed all the piping through the attic (rather than ripping up the floors). Now it's on to replacing the tile from when part of the bathroom floor was jackhammered in an attempt to find the leak - will head out to get samples first thing in the morning and hope to have the tile guys come later in the week to get that bathroom usable again.

I'm still fine-tuning my holiday mix and should have that ready for duplication and distribution in a few days - bought the bordered stationery for our holiday newsletter and need to compose and print that... as well as address, sign, stamp and mail about 50 cards (bought last year but never sent).

Trying not to freak out at the fact we're presenting John McCutcheon this Saturday night - I'm in charge of booking, promoting and producing a second-Saturday-of-the-month concert series. Our performances usually feature a co-bill of a Florida artist with a national touring musician, and are of a high level of talent but affordable - I am proud to say I orchestrated the solo McCutcheon show, but had to up the guarantee (which I don't think we'll have problems meeting... but still...). Our local folk and acoustic DJ aired a phone interview with John earlier today... and as he was listing the number of instruments he'll be bringing to South Florida, my head pounded even more - our sound guys are great... and have been provided a tech requirement... but still... I am equally looking forward to and dreading Saturday night - I know I'm worrying needlessly... but still... :-)

Then there's holiday shopping and planning for our trip (two weeks from now, for a week away) - the beat goes on... and on... and on. I have vowed to wake up tomorrow morning, focus on what needs to be done and machete through my list like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Oh yeah... and get back in my walking routine... and make healthier food choices too - and don't forget World Peace!

P.S. More SMM here... and here...

Lessen the doldrums
of fellow bipeds
Coax their spirits
to busk and bounce
Squeeze their chakras
Ungum their works
Use any trick you know
to redeem humanity
from impotent glum
Inject with joy
inseminate with light
the wombs of mankind

QUOTE: "I can understand people simply fleeing the mountainous effort Christmas has become... but there are always a few saving graces and finally they make up for all the bother and distress." ~ May Sarton


  1. Oh my Susan - your plate is FULL...glad to hear the bathroom debacle is resolving some. Your concert series sounds fabulous (I'm wistful)....What is the name of your UU congregation? I'm in the Unitarian Church of Davenport (IA)....

    The Holidays are wearing heavy on my mind too...trying to simplify like everyone else.

    As for your headache...I *heard* from our Pirate Wench that your weather is cool (laughing...sounds like a heat wave to me) and I wonder if a little Mucinex might relieve that headache? Works like a charm up here in the Frozen Tundra...

    Sending you thoughts of easy breathing and calm thoughts


  2. Hey, Catherine ~

    I must confess... I am the Poster Child for Full Plate Syndrome - can't seem to do it any other way (although I continue to try). I've written here before that a friend said I "thrive on chaos" - smart friend...

    That being said, we've simplified tremendously, time-, energy- and money-wise - refuse to make myself even crazier because of societal expectations although, in this day and age, I think society is starting to get with the program... finally!

    I am a member of the UU Church of Ft. Lauderdale (, not only running the Labyrinth Cafe concert series there (my fourth year) but also chair of Sunday Services - our minister is taking a two-part sabbatical (part 1 already completed, the second half coming up from mid-January to mid-April), so I know that's adding to my stress as well...

    Yes, we've loved this recent "cold snap" (by Florida standards) - I haven't run my air conditioning since before Thanksgiving (unheard of!). Thanks for your good thoughts and medical recommendations - can't hurt, might help... <3

  3. ahhh, well, a 'full plate' is better than an empty one, yes? We can rest when we're dead, lol.

  4. Hey, Catherine ~

    Being a Leo, I wouldn't even recognize an empty plate! - "sleep when we're dead" indeed (shades of Warren Zevon... :-)