Friday, October 31, 2008

Superman's Song (Crash Test Dummies)

Happy Halloween!

I'm posting this a few strokes after midnight on the morning of Trick or Treat Day... as, by the time any of you read this, I'll be jetting my way to Atlanta (8 a.m. flight) for the long weekend - while we were on vacation this past August, I got word from a friend that Dar Williams (no explanation necessary if you're a Constant Reader of my musings) would be playing at Eddie's Attic November 1. We found out that it's general admission, but tables for 4 could be reserved - can you say no-brainer? It will be my mom, my sister, her 12-year-old daughter (all of whom live in the Atlanta area) and me - it's another opportunity to make memories, and we most certainly plan to do just that. I've gotten word to Dar (through one of her managers) to request The One Who Knows, dedicated to mom from "her girls" - buy stock in Kleenex now... :-)

The pile on my dining room table grows, as I continue to add items I wish to bring: Halloween Pez dispensers bought weeks ago for Julia, a beach book for mom, a flip-flops towel for Mari, bunny ears for me and devil horns for Mari to wear as we're passing out candy (since Julia won't let us walk around with her), my book to read on the plane, a jacket (as lows will be in the high 30's/low 40's), etc. I'm beyond excited - I'll return with stories, stories to tell...

Can't remember where I read it, but recently there was a discussion about superheroes (or she-ras, in the feminine) - if you could possess just one extra-sensory-power, what would it be? I recall thinking that x-ray vision would be nice (for those Harrison Ford moments)... or flying could come in handy (when the post office is getting ready to close)... or clairvoyance (when I can tell my husband is thinking something other than what he's saying) - however, what I'd really wish to be able to do is stop time... for everyone else... but not myself... temporarily (like in Sleeping Beauty). I swear that if I could have a week to get caught up with/ahead of my life, while everyone else was in suspended animation, I'd never allow myself to fall behind again - anyway, in keeping with today's theme... please share your superhero power fantasies...

P.S. I submitted another entry to Star Maker Machine yesterday - I think I'm addicted (just hit a vein, baby!)... and thanks again to Boyhowdy for being my enabler... :-)

SONG: Superman's Song by Crash Test Dummies

The Psychology of Superheroes: An Unauthorized Exploration by Robin Rosenberg (editor)

POEM: Warnings by David Allen Sullivan

A can of self-defense pepper spray says it may
irritate the eyes, while a bathroom heater says it's
not to be used in bathrooms. I collect warnings
the way I used to collect philosophy quotes.

Wittgenstein's There's no such thing
as clear milk rubs shoulders with a box
of rat poison which has been found
to cause cancer in laboratory mice.

Levinas' Language is a battering ram—
a sign that says the very fact of saying,
is as inscrutable as the laser pointer's advice:
Do not look into laser with remaining eye.

Last week I boxed up the solemn row
of philosophy tomes and carted them down
to the used bookstore. The dolly read:
Not to be used to transport humans.

Did lawyers insist that the 13-inch wheel
on the wheelbarrow proclaim it's
not intended for highway use? Or that the
Curling iron is for external use only?

Abram says that realists render material
to give the reader the illusion of the ordinary.
What would he make of Shin pads cannot protect
any part of the body they do not cover?

I load boxes of books onto the counter. Flip
to a yellow-highlighted passage in Aristotle:
Whiteness which lasts for a long time is no whiter
than whiteness which lasts only a day.

A.A.'ers talk about the blinding glare
of the obvious: Objects in the mirror
are actually behind you, Electric cattle prod
only to be used on animals, Warning: Knives are sharp.

What would I have done without: Remove infant
before folding for storage, Do not use hair dryer
while sleeping, Eating pet rocks may lead to broken
teeth, Do not use deodorant intimately?

Goodbye to all those sentences that sought
to puncture the illusory world - like the warning
on the polyester Halloween outfit for my son:
Batman costume will not enable you to fly.

QUOTE: How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~ Maya Angelou

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