Friday, December 7, 2007

Ode to Mrs. Claus' Joy (Gregg Cagno)

I must confess here to a lifelong love affair with my Santa at the mall - normally I avoid the place at all costs (no pun intended)... but their North Pole decorations, as well as The Big Man who lives there for a month, magnetizes me...

The gentleman's beard and long hair are most definitely real and he has the most peaceful countenance, which I gaze upon for calm and inspiration, and there's a laughing-and-loving twinkle in his eyes - when the children sitting on his lap are talking to him, he appears to be giving them his undivided attention, nodding and smiling as if they are the only ones who matter.

Oh god, but the best part... the absolute best part... is that he wears long-sleeved holiday print shirts... with suspenders - I always thought those red coats with the black belts were phony-looking, and I'm convinced this is the way the real Santa looks.

One year he saw me watching and came over, looked me in the eyes, leaned over and hugged me - "Happy Holidays, Santa", I said and hugged him back, walking away with both a joyful and serene feeling...

POEM: I Believe in Santa ~ Author Unknown

Having faith in Santa Claus
Is not for just the young,
I know I'll keep proclaiming him
As long as I've a tongue.

And even though I see the gent
Unmasked before my eyes,
Revealing some familiar friend
Who's donned the quaint disguise,
It doesn't change my mind a bit;
I'll still believe, because
There's more than whiskers and a suit
To dear old Santa Claus;
Bright hopes there are,
And dreams come true,
Good cheer, unselfish sharing
Personified by gifts of love
Within the pack he's bearing.

To call these angels "Santa Claus"
Is surely not deceiving,
So I, for one, will never scoff
But go right on believing.

QUOTE: "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!" ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

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