Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brane Ded, Body MT (David Stocker)

You must all be tired of reading about my Epiphany du jour... whereupon I have a life-changing, light bulb moment... and swear I'm going to do everything *the right way* from now on... only to find I have fallen off the proverbial wagon yet again - this one's different... I swear!

I was having a relaxed Friday evening, curled up with What Not to Wear (a guilty pleasure) and then my book (a Tabitha King novel) - at 11, I happened to turn the TV back on, began to scroll through the channels and ran across a program on PBS: Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. Dr. Amen (gotta love that name) himself was lecturing on the various steps in which we can bring about change, based on his new book (of course) and, naturally, I know most of this stuff - I take fish oil caplets and Vitamin D supplements... I realize broccoli is better for me than donuts... I am aware I should exercise on a regular basis...

I wasn't particularly swayed by his definitions of brain types... but when he asked the question: what is your motivation?... I experienced mental whiplash - all these years I've attempted to sculpt my habits, my waistline and my attitude... and I've never really confronted myself with WHY...

Short-term: Falcon Ridge (late-July 2010)... and my daughter's wedding (at least a year down the road) - long-term: to see my kids grow up, get married (or not) and have children (or not). I want to be healthy for myself... but really, my family is the best reason there is - e-f*cking-piphany...

I've eaten healthy (so far), I walked my 2 1/2 miles (40 minutes)... and I am drinking enough water to float a battleship - plus... I am choosing to eliminate sugar from my diet (I can do this... :-)

SONG: Brane Ded, Body MT by David Stocker (I can't seem to find the lyrics online, but the CD, to listen to the song clip, is here)...

BOOK: Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted by Daniel G. Amen M.D.

POEM: The Heart of Herakles by Kenneth Rexroth

Lying under the stars,

In the summer night,

Late, while the autumn

Constellations climb the sky,

As the Cluster of Hercules

Falls down the west

I put the telescope by
and watch Deneb
Move towards the zenith.

My body is asleep. Only

My eyes and brain are awake.

The stars stand around me

Like gold eyes, I can no longer

Tell where I begin and leave off.

The faint breeze in the dark pines,
And the invisible grass,

The tipping earth, the swarming stars

Have an eye that sees itself.

QUOTE: "We live in deeds, not years; In thoughts, not breaths; In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best." ~ Phillip James Bailey


  1. We saw him about four weeks ago on PBS and it really did change our lives. We went into it full swing--only eating healthy veggies, fruits, organic dairy, grains, and meats. Taking our fish oil. The wonderful thing is that we are loving all this gorgeous food while getting healthier. We are using Stevia instead of sugar and it works fine for us. I want a healthy mind and body to live out the rest of my life. I wish everyone could see him and make positive changes.


  2. Hey, Cathy -

    How wonderful to hear your testimonial as well - I swear... it was like I had been hit over the hit with a sledgehammer last night (duh, Susan!)...

    I really have been doing a good bit of what he suggests (including the Stevia)... but then I sabotage myself by not walking... or by eating crappy stuff, which negates the healthy food - another big change for me will be to stop eating late at night (after 9, I've vowed), because that is a horrible habit I've fallen into...

    He said it takes two weeks to get rid of the cravings - I am psyched... and can't wait to see tangible evidence of my renewed commitment...

    Let's keep in touch - good luck to us all on the road to mental and physical health... <3

  3. Hey does work....two weeks off sugar and the craving does go away...and lots of meal planning. Of course I'm 'off the wagon' lately but I'm blaming a huge list of things *weak menopausal laugh*. You can do it.


  4. Hey, Catherine ~

    Thanks for the reinforcement - today is Day Five... and I've experienced four days of a seriously committed lifestyle (not my modus operandi at all!)...

    I joked with my daughter on the phone yesterday that I wondered if people could be hypnotized over the TV - my cravings are now for nutritious foods... and I am almost revolted by the crappy stuff...

    Dare I say it feels... easy... or at least no-brainer... which never happens - I refuse to question, and am just enjoying every moment of dedication, knowing it's a path to a happier, healthier me...