Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

This is embarrassing to admit... but, other than a few bouts with strep throat in the past, I haven't been to a real doctor for a thorough check-up in over five years - I know, I know... shame on me...

My dear daughter has been nudging, nagging and nipping at my heels (understandably so - she's worried)... and I finally went last Friday - knock on wood, all seemed to go fairly well, although I'll go back in two weeks for urine and blood test results. One thing that did concern them was that my blood pressure was high - they checked it twice, did an EKG (which showed nothing, thank goodness) and sent me home with a low-dosage blood pressure medication. I've of course been doing some research on hypertension and medical side effects... and discovered that daily usage of cinnamon can be very helpful in healing this health issue - this cracks me up, as I've had a reputation for years as a cinnamon lover, craving it on/in anything! Now I'm just going to have to choose it sprinkled in my oatmeal or yogurt, over apples or in my tea... rather than in breakfast rolls, cake or toast - I can do this...

I also have "prescriptions" to get a mammogram, a bone density test and a colonoscopy (all standard tests for a woman in her mid-50's) - my gynecologist appointment (for a routine pap smear) is scheduled for the first of the year... and I know I need to see a dermatologist then too (South Florida sun can be harmful to the skin - major understatement). It is empowering to make these forward steps... and I was already feeling the need to do a better job of taking care of myself, after spending all summer taking care of mom - the doctor even made mention of the fact that givers have a hard time receiving (even though this was her first time meeting me, she had me pegged). I started crying - it's all still so fresh... but I want and need to change... now... not just for myself, but for my spouse, my children and my circle of friends...

I'm also still walking almost 3 miles a day, 6 days a week - if I could be smarter with my food choices... and limit my food portions, I'd make some serious progress toward looking and feeling better...

SONG: Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young

BOOK: Cinnamon: Spices of Life by Barbara Wexler

POEM: Lessons by Pat Schneider

I have learned
that life goes on,
or doesn't.
That days are measured out
in tiny increments
as a woman in a kitchen
measures teaspoons
of cinnamon, vanilla,
or half a cup of sugar
into a bowl.

I have learned
that moments are as precious as nutmeg,
and it has occurred to me
that busy interruptions
are like tiny grain moths,
or mice.
They nibble, pee, and poop,
or make their little worms and webs
until you have to throw out the good stuff
with the bad.

It took two deaths
and coming close myself
for me to learn
that there is not an infinite supply
of good things in the pantry.

QUOTE(S): “I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” ~ James Gordon


  1. You are fabulous. Like, seriously.

  2. Hey, Amy ~

    You are entirely too kind - I don't feel so fabulous these days. I'm sad and fragile and scared... of the things I can control as well as those I can't - so... I'll just keep trying to live up to your high praise, and maybe soon I can believe it (thanks, kiddo... <3 )

  3. You can be sad and fragile and scared and still be fabulous. Cause you keep facing this stuff, and being like, take that, and that's awesome.

  4. Hey, Amy ~

    Thanks for the reminder - I can be such an all-or-nothing Leo sometimes! I'm so used to being strong, opinionated and in control that I forget to honor my "soft side" as well - not facing issues only makes them worse (still learning that one... :-)

  5. Susan, I'm so pleased (and relieved) that you are taking steps (literally) toward better health. I, too, have been doing a lot of thinking about self-care and need to make some big changes in my life as well. Perhaps we can inspire each other?

  6. Hey, M ~

    Thanks for your unending support and concern - it does feel better to take my head out of the sand where my health is concerned!

    Co-inspiration sounds like a wonderful idea - we should get together to brainstorm (over salads and ice water, of course (ha!). Seriously, e-mail or call me and let's discuss - we've motivated each other before. Can that really be 12 years ago? - I was so thin then... :-)