Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Cafe (The Nields)

Today's blogpost is brought to you by the month of May and dedicated to the Letter A (you know who you are!) - wishing much love and light on the journey from surviving to thriving... :-)

The name for the month of May has been believed to derive from Maia, who was revered as the Roman Goddess of Springtime, Growth and Increase, and the mother of Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods. Yet this is disputed as before these deities featured in mythology the name Maius or Magius, taken from the root Mag, meaning the growing month or shooting month was used. - May, Mystical World Wide Web

POEM: May Day by Phillis Levin

I've decided to waste my life again,
Like I used to: get drunk on
The light in the leaves, find a wall
Against which something can happen,

Whatever may have happened
Long ago—let a bullet hole echoing
The will of an executioner, a crevice
In which a love note was hidden,

Be a cell where a struggling tendril
Utters a few spare syllables at dawn.
I've decided to waste my life
In a new way, to forget whoever

Touched a hair on my head, because
It doesn't matter what came to pass,
Only that it passed, because we repeat
Ourselves, we repeat ourselves.

I've decided to walk a long way
Out of the way, to allow something
Dreaded to waken for no good reason,
Let it go without saying,

Let it go as it will to the place
It will go without saying: a wall
Against which a body was pressed
For no good reason, other than this.

QUOTE: "The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." ~ Edwin Way Teale

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