Monday, November 19, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude (Jimmy Buffett)

Thanksgiving is almost upon us (zippity!) - it is my favorite holiday, for the sheer non-commerciality/no-agenda-ness of it. As much as I love Christmas, the retail industry has pushed it up so far as to completely overwhelm the month of November and all its lovely attributes and offerings - let's enjoy the present, the here-and-now, before we rush right through to the next holiday, month or celebration.

I always make the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes (one year I made wild rice instead and, to hear my family tell it, you would have thought I'd ordered them to take off their clothes at the dinner table and worship Satan!), green bean casserole (yes, with mushroom soup/onion rings), creamed onions (my mom's recipe), corn, squash casserole, baby carrots with dill, crescent rolls, a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, chocolate cake... and of course massive amounts of wine, red and white. Our friends Buck and Kathy are coming for dinner - they've been assigned the sweet potato casserole, a dish my husband loves but, since I don't, I never make it...

I adore bringing out the Thanksgiving tablecloth in shades of rust, forest green and brown, and the cloth napkins (with assorted napkin holders) that blend with the color scheme - my silk fall leaves in an earthenware pitcher, along with cinnamon candles in the fruit candle rings, will make a lovely holiday table. One of the best parts of this celebration to me is that before we actually lift our forks, we hold hands and, going around the table, everyone is encouraged to share what they are thankful for - as much as my family professes to be embarrassed by this tradition, they always come up with something wonderful to say, and it is a heartwarming and teary moment.

So... I got all of my laundry done today, will do my food shopping tomorrow and clean house on Wednesday - Thursday is reserved for cooking, eating and bonding (did I say I love Thanksgiving?... :-)

to the Sun & the Earth
for this bread & this wine,
this fruit, this meat, this salt,
this food;
thanks be & blessing to them
who prepare it, who serve it;
thanks & blessings to them
who share it
(& also the absent & the dead).
Thanks & Blessing to them who bring it
(may they not want),
to them who plant & tend it,
harvest & gather it
(may they not want);
thanks & blessing to them who work
& blessing to them who cannot;
may they not want - for their hunger
sours the wine & robs
the taste from the salt.
Thanks be for the sustenance & strength
for our dance & work of justice, of peace.

QUOTE: "Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live." ~ Jackie Windspear


  1. I just wanted to say that you have one of the cuttest blogs I ever seen... The art, poems, the Counting Crows videos, the name of the blog (favorite song in the movie)...
    I didnt get to read everything because its a lot and didnt have the time right now but its definitely one of my favorite blogs...
    Sometimes I cant express myself the way that I want in the english language (I'm brazillian therefore I speak portuguese) so I'm sorry for any incovenience.
    Just one las thing: do you know the poem "Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep" by Mary E. Frye? Its the most beautiful message I ever seen and my fav poem ever.
    Anyway, thanks for reading this...

  2. Hey, Maria Rita ~

    How sweet of you to stop in and comment - I'd be curious as to how you found your way to my blog!

    If English is your second language, you express yourself quite beautifully - synchronistically, my husband is Brazilian, leaving his hometown of Rio when he was 13 (over 40 years ago) for the States (his mother was American). One day I will visit - it's in our plans...

    I do know the poem you mention - thanks for reminding me of its beauty and message...

    Again, I so appreciate your kind words - your visits are always welcome... :-)