Monday, October 29, 2007

Are You Happy Now? (Richard Shindell)

A few personal musings tomorrow re: Halloween - this now...

Dark Chocolate Can Help Your Heart

Chocoholics, your time has come to rejoice: Recent studies show that a daily dose of dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can lower blood pressure, helping to prevent heart disease.

There's no need to gorge on the stuff, though – chocolate is notoriously high in calories and fat and the effects of overindulgence will soon show up around your waist. Less than 30 calories, or approximately one-quarter of an ounce, is the perfect amount to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your body. So now, there's always an excuse for dessert.

The lucky folks at Consumer Reports taste-tested a wide variety of dark chocolate bars to find the best of the bunch. If you're in the market for a heart-healthy indulgence, here are their top five picks.

1. Cacao Reserve by Hershey's Extra Dark
2. Lindt Excellence Extra Fine Dark
3. Chocolove Organic Dark
4. Valrhona Le Noir Amer Dark Bittersweet
5. Scharffen Berger Semisweet Pure Dark

like every other year I sit outside with a guitar
while kids roam in small packs
from lit door to lit door
the costumes tonight are not that frightening
angels and fairies and superheroes abound
a few bloodsuckers and ghouls
a sprinkling of skeletons
no terrorists
the adults pretend to be scared
jessie (the giraffe from across the street)
solemnly hands me M & Ms from her stash
when I put the Snickers in her pumpkin
“honey,” I tell her
“it’s not a trade – it‘s a gift”
and she solemnly takes them back
the young girl in the bathrobe and curlers
wearing the sign that says
says to me
“I want to hear you play your prettyful music”
I hand her candy
and I pick up my guitar
to play a song appropriate to the season
(a song by the Grateful Dead)
for this world’s recent ghosts
this world
where unimaginable ashes
sift down on children’s beds
in one part of this world
the very rocks and baseballs
smell of abrasives, jet fuel, burning rubber, corpses
in another part of this world
they are making the mail glow white
long enough to kill what lives on the words
in another part of this world
this guitar would be
in that country a shrouded woman
has been carefully picking food from a minefield
(food that was airdropped in my name)
she runs and lifts her child from the ground
raising his head high up onto her shoulder
vainly trying to keep the frightening blood from spilling too much
it will take her years to fall asleep again
when she does fall asleep
she will dream of picking up a yellow bomblet
wrapping it in swaddling clothes
suckling it until it blooms hot and bright
but she will not cry
as she holds him in that dream
we all dream that dream these days
we all hold our children closer
while holding back tears
a dream like that
is not a gift
it is a trade
we have all already given
more than enough in return for this one
and you do not let go of your tears
when tears are all you have left
Halloween night
I am pushing aside the veil between the worlds
a mourning person waiting for dawn
pretending to be scared to cover real fear
while I give sweets and prettyful music
to my neighbors’ children
we are all a long way from home

if I knew the way
I would take you home

QUOTE: "Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold." ~ Judith Olney

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